Ashes To Ashes: Second Series Confirmed

CAST members have been talking about it for some time.
But here is the actual official announcement of a second series for Ashes To Ashes.
Series two begins filming, as expected, this summer and will be on screen next year.
Below is the release issued just a few minutes ago.
Also click here for the online version of today’s final MEN series one feature.

The eighties’ revival continues as the hugely popular Ashes to Ashes will return for a second series on BBC One it was announced today.
The hit drama from Kudos Film and Television in association with Monastic Productions has been recommissioned by the BBC following strong ratings and fantastic feedback from its army of fans. Series one has averaged well over 6.5 million viewers so far and the eagerly anticipated opener achieved a ratings high of over 8 million.
Details of the new series are being kept under wraps until the current series has finished airing but Simon Crawford-Collins Executive Producer and Head of Drama at Kudos promises that there will be more fun for fans of the Gene Genie:
“The 80s have had a real revival over the past few months; Ashes to Ashes seems to have captured the imagination of the nation. I’m sure viewers will be desperate to know who’s back in the second series but for now they’ll just have to tune into the last episode of series one to find out.”
Julie Gardner Executive Producer for the BBC and BBC Wales Head of Drama continues, “I’m delighted Ashes to Ashes will return to BBC One next year. The series epitomises all that is great about BBC drama with its bold, confident storytelling and great characters. I can’t wait for more blue eyeliner, Quattro cars and 80s music to burst on to our screens in 2009!”
Ashes to Ashes is written and created by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, two creators of the award winning Life on Mars. It is produced by Kudos, in association with Monastic Productions, the new production company of Graham and Pharaoh.
Executive producer duties will be split between Graham and Pharoah for Monastic Productions, Crawford Collins and Jane Featherstone and for Kudos and Julie Gardner for the BBC, who has also commissioned this second series.
Filming on series two will begin in the summer and Ashes to Ashes will return to BBC One in 2009.
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15 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: Second Series Confirmed

  1. kerry

    Thanks for the info Ian. My only worry is how I’ll manage to wait another YEAR for more Ashes To Ashes, after tonight????
    The last seven days, waiting for the las ep tonight, have possibly been the longest of my life! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  2. Sasha Loncar

    I got the bottle of Bollinger (didn’t came with the knickers, shame) for tonight episode. Cost me more than order of Ashes DVD but it was worth it, and now there is a double celebration!!!
    But just for fun of it and because i waited sooo long for YOU to tell me that, I will ask again: Ian, so the second serial it is officially confirmed now?
    And again thank you for great work, and somehow timing of your blog is always spot on.

  3. Ian Wylie

    Hi Kerry & Sasha – as you all probably guessed, the official announcement of the second series was held back to co-incide with the screening of tonight’s series one finale. So we had to wait until now to get the official release…even though I’m sure we all realised there would be a second series.
    2009 will be here before we know it, and in the meantime there’s always the A2A DVD release, plus a certain favourite film of Gene’s (revealed tonight) which will keep us going. It really is a great last episode from one of the top teams in TV. I’ve seen it seven times now – and will be watching again tonight!

  4. Sasha Loncar

    Believe me, by this morning I will see episode 8 minimum 3 times….and plus God knows how many repeats of the favorite scenes…so in 2 days (it’s a working day tomorrow) I will catch you 😛

  5. Lucy

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited about the second series! And yet gutted that the first is over, that last episode was amazing, I was shouting at the telly! Honestly the best television programme ever, the script and cast are awesome, I love Gene and Alex. Please hurry up and film it now, I think I may burst. 😀

  6. Janet

    Thanks for all your Ashes blogs over the last couple of months Ian – they have been a pleasure to read.
    Also thanks for the Railway Arms links.
    See you in 1982 then!

  7. Liz

    Hi Ian, just wanted to say thanks for all your Ashes blogs, I’ll miss them over the next few months.
    I too watch each episode many times over, there are so many new things to pick up each time round. It’s been years since I’ve watched such enthralling TV as this and Life On Mars, and it’s a joy to share it with people like yourself.

  8. Morgan

    Hi Ian,
    Greetings from a Dutch A2A fan, a true ’80 child as this was the period I was a teenager, so A2A really pushed all my memory buttons full stop..
    Just catched up with your blog after getting the link via the Railway Arms forum :), marvellous stuff.
    My head is still spinning after watching the final episode..lot’s to think about untill Series 2…or untill the DVD shows up on my doormat in May so I can rewatch all the episodes back to back !
    I purchased the Episode Guides 1&2 of LOM last weekend, do you maybe know if they will release such an Episode Guide for A2A as well ?
    As I didn’t watch the whole LOM series 1 & 2 (but busily catching up on that !) I’ve missed the whole “cult of Gene” the first time round, but I must say…I’m a true convert now..line, hook and sinker..what a guy !
    Love the chemistry he has with Alex.
    Maybe the “Hunt’s Housewifes” thread at Digital Spy Cult should be my next place to dwell, *grin*
    Keep up the good work, and see ya all in 1982…
    Morgan (experiencing cold Turkey symptoms already..)

  9. Loulou

    Hi Ian
    Thanks for your Ashes blogs, it’s a long time since I’ve read such great previews and articles. I often think that critics try to be overly ‘smart’ and write what they think they should write, perhaps rather than what they actually think. Or maybe they feel they need to make contentious statements to get noticed in the press or online. Your Ashes blogs make me smile and have been really informative without spoiling the upcoming episodes.
    I particularly like the links you have to the music in each episode. The Ashes team have been so clever with their use of music throughout. Take the long way home had me rather misty eyed on Thursday night I can tell you.
    I will miss the Ashes blogs and wait with anticipation for series two. Wishing everyone well until then.

  10. Ian Wylie

    Morgan – I haven’t seen any official word yet on a companion book for Ashes To Ashes series one, but I certainly hope there will be one.
    Loulou – you weren’t the only one misty-eyed!
    And can I just say thank you again to all those who have left comments across my Ashes To Ashes and Life On Mars’ blogs. It’s always great to hear from fellow fans of brilliant television. More blogs to come in due course ahead of a set visit to 1982 later this summer.

  11. Jen Z.

    Hi, Ian…
    Just got through watching Ep8 a second time and I still have so many different emotions going through me–every bit as good as LoM the way it’s moved me. I never cry at television shows, but I was a mess during this one, and then laughing again the next, if that’s possible. 🙂
    I too will look forward to your summer blogs, you must keep feeding the “hungry masses”–I’m sure you can’t wait for 2009, either! Please keep us updated on that possible companion book, there is still so much that I’m not sure I “get” yet.
    Cheers to you, and thank you once again for your thoughtful and helpful blogs!!
    Kansas, USA

  12. chris

    Hi Ian thanks for the blogs, top quality as per usual.
    Very mixed emotions for me about Ashes to Ashes. Last nights episode along with espisode 4 are definately the standout ones of the series for me.
    But i still couldn’t help but be slightly dissapointed with the rest of the series. Their was nothing major wrong with it just minor gripes. I found it very difficult at times to relate to Alex’s character. When she seems to be poking fun at the characters we love and acting like she knows it all, it makes it very hard to have any empathy with her situation. Perhaps thats why i enjoyed episodes four and eight so much,as it really showed a different side to Alex.
    Our much loved other main characters were superbly written throughout the series, though again i felt their was potential to show another side to Gene. He’s lost his wife, friend and collegue, and i felt the writers could have explored that more. I thought Sam would have got more of a mention and i was dissapointed of no mention of Annie. I’m sure Gene would made sure she was alright after sam ‘died’. I guess the writers wanted to get away from Mars but i would have thought there would have been a few more throwaway lines towards it. Perhaps it will all become clear in series 2?
    Despite the critisim i did enjoy the series and i would have been disappointed if a second series hadn’t been commisioned. I would still say it will most likely be in my top 3 programmes of the year.And i really believe that this programme has the potential to be even better next year!Roll on 1982!

  13. Alexandra Slater

    Thanks Ian. Your blogs have been a real highlight of the Ashes experience. As a member of the recently formed Hunt’s Housewives club, I can tell you with authority that your hints and clues about the Gene Genie have been pored over, dissected and endlessly debated. Long may you continue!

  14. Carrie Bennet

    Hi Ian
    The producers of A2A haven’t exactly confirmed which cast members are going to be back for series two. I’m confident that they all will be, correct?

  15. Ian Wylie

    Hi Carrie – my understanding is that all the main cast members will return: Phil, Keeley, Dean, Marshall and Montserrat.

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