He Kills Coppers

ONCE there were five. Now only four remain.
Viewers saw police detective Jon Young (second from right) killed off in Sunday’s first episode of ITV1’s He Kills Coppers.
But actor Liam Garrigan didn’t mind his short-lived role.
“I get to be the catalyst for what happens in the second and third episode,” he told us at the series press launch.
Rafe Spall (also pictured below) is another one of the cast members.
The son of Timothy Spall plays troubled and corrupted Sixties’ police detective Frank Taylor.
Frank begins the search for police killer Billy Porter in next Sunday’s episode, with the action then moving on from 1966 to 1971.
Jake Arnott wrote the novel on which this three-part drama is based and was also responsible for BBC2’s The Long Firm.
He explained the background at that press launch.

“The reality of the books that I write, it’s not a series of central character novels that have a formula that you could carry on forever and have bodies piling up in Oxford.

“It’s not the sort of thing I’m that interested in, so I wouldn’t be able to do it.
“There are a lot of fairly conventional, slightly quirky, detective series out there.
“But they do seem to go on forever.
“What interested me about this was that it covers a huge period of time.
“And actually the events are very sparse. There isn’t a murder every week.
“I was interested in looking at the reality.”
As you can read in last week’s MEN TV feature here, the fictional story was inspired by the real life 1966 murder of three policemen.
Killer Harry Roberts is still behind bars – 42 years after he pulled the trigger.
Jake explained: “When something like that happens in the heart of a society that appears to be very much at ease with itself, there’s such a rupture, such an explosive effect that it has, and continues to have.”
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