Ashes To Ashes: Imagine That

IF you were hooked by Ashes To Ashes, then there’s one essential bookmark to have on the world wide interweb.
Fans at The Railway Arms have been able to take ownership of both Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes.
At the same time they’ve exposed some of the nonsense spouted by certain headline-grabbing TV “critics”.
It demonstrates a healthy shift in power from those with an axe to grind and column to fill, to viewers who are more intelligent than many in the media and TV world think.
As Alex Drake said: “Imagine that.”
A number of the posts are more eloquent and perceptive than anything you will read elsewhere.
Is Gene Hunt real? Will the clown return for series two? And did you realise Philip Glenister’s eyes are the colour of the sea?

There are dozens of friendly debates to be had over at TRA during the long wait for series two in 2009.
At the time of writing, just over 84 per cent of those voting on the site – run by a clever young woman known as Yayster – believe the final episode of series one was one of the best.
Some guessed long before last Thursday night that the clown was Alex’s dad.
Some also worked out in advance that the hand that took little Alex’s after the car bomb belonged to Gene Hunt.
But my series one prize for the sharpest observation of all goes to a good friend of this blog called Wibble.
As the camera pulled back in the closing seconds of episode eight, she spotted a new face staring out in the far left of Luigi’s mural.
Take a look for yourself below.

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9 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: Imagine That

  1. Jen Z

    WA-HEY!!!!! A big shout out to the TRA, Wibble, and Yayster! Thanks, Ian! That was awesome, as it is THE place to get all the latest on both shows, and lots of insider information along with some truly insightful commentary. Lots of sharp cookies on there.
    To be fair, when A2A first broadcast, the atmosphere was a bit like a war-zone in my opinion. But as the series continued, and more naysayers gave it a chance (and found they really liked it!), I really have to say that TRA has made a comeback in my book.
    Those of us like myself who joined TRA back in 2006 during the first series of LoM, as well as all the “newbies” have had our hearts warmed today by your little post.
    Thanks so much, and you know we love you! (read: keep writing blogs for us over the summer!! *laugh*)
    Jen Z.

  2. Janet

    Ian, thanks so much for this – and for the name check. And that is one amazing cap of that mural!

  3. Sasha Loncar

    It was strange for me that in the closing moment light stayed on the left side of the screen and not on Alex and Gene and that is when I spot it. Great stuff, nothing is insignificant.
    TRA is a great place, wonderful world very pub-ish as the name says, where you can just go have a drink and relax, have a chat, surrounded with the people who understand.
    And just one last thing: I am a massive fan of Keeley Hawes and I read some post in TRA stating that there was some teletext about her not be sure for the Second serial??????
    Please Ian, please that as soon as you have any news (good news) about Alex Drake and Second serial to write a blog. I was a huge fan of Life on Mars, but with Alex, Gene opened his soul, become more real, TWO OF THEM (Galex) made Ashes to Ashes soooo popular. Please tell me that this was just a bad joke and nothing else.
    And keep writing about Ashes to Ashes, small things, anything, just don’t let us waiting alone the summer that looks so far away now. And Thursday is very lonely day now.
    ps: I watched last episode 23 times so far, I know, crazy…but funny enough every time I spotted or heard something new….keep watching 😉

  4. Yayster

    Thank you so much for the kind compliments, Ian! It was wonderful to read these.
    It hasn’t been easy keeping up with everything over the eight-week run but it’s wonderful to know our work is appreciated!
    That mural is very chilling – I didn’t spot it the first time!

  5. That mural is far spookier than I ever realized—and I have to agree that the final episode was one of the best. Incidentally, thank you for your support of the series over the last eight weeks, Ian. It’s good to know that not all the UK media had it in for Ashes to Ashes and at least one journalist was prepared to give it a fair go. As a fan, it was encouraging to come here and read what you had to say.

  6. daphne

    Ian! Aren’t you thoughtful to say this! It is so nice to know – as I sit with my head in my hand and my elbow on the mouse pad, trying to puzzle out what I think of this amazing series (particularly difficult as I haven’t seen much of it yet, but hey, I like a challenge!) – that a professional media man is looking around the Arms and appreciating some of our thoughts.
    Please tell us anything you know about the last series, decisions made, options discarded, etc. Give us some material for the summer doldrums! We love your insights.

  7. Marcus

    This was from the Sunday Mirror:
    “Good news that he’ll be back for a second BBC series next year. So, sadly, will Keeley Hawes as the infernally irritating time-warp cop Alex Drake.”
    Someone asked about Keeley Hawes. Frankly, the series could not continue without her, but people do worry about things.
    By the way, I live in the U.S. and loved Life on Mars and this show. Terrific stuff.

  8. 16splice

    I liked LOM and love Ashes but it wouldn’t be the same show without Hawes. She absolutely made that character! The writers weren’t shy about her not always being likeable. She’s aggressive, pro-active, and funny and obviously a threat to the “people” (I’m loathe to call them “journalists”) at the Daily Mail.
    Of course they can’t determine that she’s playing a character in a show. It’s called acting and she ran the emotional gamut in Ashes and kept my family absolutely hooked.
    Great show! I too live in the U.S. but made a point of watching these legally.
    I will avoid the BBC America cutdown version because they haven’t a clue how to edit.

  9. Helvetica Bold

    thanks Ian – valuable support for TRA and much-deserved credit to Yayster and the mods for all their time and good work. Your blog led me to TRA about 10 days ago, since when I’ve had enormous fun reading and posting. Looking forward very much to second series of Ashes – and of course Keeley Hawes must be part of it – she was excellent, as were they all.

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