Ashes To Ashes: The Land Of The Living

ALEX Drake takes the long way home in the final episode of Ashes To Ashes.
Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes said it would be a very good and satisfying ending.
They weren’t wrong.
The final hour of series one, written by Ashley Pharoah, is a classic.
Among many highlights is a speech from the unbreakable Gene Hunt destined to be carved in the annals of TV history.
He also provides a last line to warm the hearts of Gene fans across the globe.
Chris ends up locked in a cell with, among others, Lord Scarman and music star Tom Robinson.
As with Life On Mars, there are echoes and mirrors from the very first episode.
And a revelation that turns Alex’s view of the world upside down, much like the camera angle in the opening moments some eight weeks ago.

As the episode begins, it’s Friday October 9 1981 – the day before Alex’s parents were killed in a car bomb near her school.
Can she save them? And what of little Alex (Lucy Cole) pictured above?
Shaz is still unconscious in hospital after her return from “death” in episode seven.
Sitting at her bedside, Alex muses: “I wonder if this world will continue after I’ve gone?”
How will we bear the wait until series two in 2009?

Here are some other things to look out for in yet another piece of brilliant television:
1) What does Arthur Layton know?
2) Alex finally meeting her father.
3) A very charming man.
4) The pink tank.
5) A Caroline Price revelation.
6) The Last Supper – Gene and Alex’s dinner date.
7) The Guv completely baffled by women.
8) Bolly’s nod to Gene Hunt fangirls everywhere.
9) A phone call for Alex.
10) Gently Does It.
11) Alex In Wonderland.
12) “You never see what you want to see.”
13) The identity of the person Layton spoke to on his mobile.
14) A guardian angel.
Ashes To Ashes is screened on BBC1 at 9pm next Thursday.
Just one episode eight music video this week.
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8 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: The Land Of The Living

  1. Janet

    Wow – what a great write up – talk about notching up the tension! Just one question Ian – was it definitely Matthew G who wrote this one? I thought it might have been Ashley.

  2. I am still recovering after the last night episode. I am trying to stop my brain of flicking theories over and over again, and then I read this…If Matthew Graham left me in a state of shock then you Ian leave me bagging for more. And about the Second serial, is it confirmed yet?

  3. catherine

    Oh my life, this sounds so exciting I may not even be able to watch it!
    Fabulous series, fabulous cast. Love it!

  4. Ian Wylie

    Janet – thanks for that. Yes, you are right – episode eight is written by Ashley. I have amended above. The preview DVD I was sent had the incorrect titles sequence, listing Matthew as the writer.
    Sasha – no “official” confirmation yet.
    Catherine – your second line says it all!

  5. Jen Z.

    Ian, you are so good to us!!!! So nice of you to write that uplifting blog the day after I was so depressed from Episode 7! It was as if you’d read our minds. Very thoughtful indeed. *wink*

  6. Alexandra Slater

    Thanks Ian. I could feel myself welling up just reading this blog! It sounds amazing and I don’t know how we’ll all be able to bear the wait until next week, let alone next year!

  7. Margaret

    OMG, I can’t wait to watch the last episode. I thought I could love nothing more than LoM but this, Ashes to Ashes, is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the insight to the final episode. Please let there be a second series.

  8. Mike Yates

    Brilliant write-up again thanks,this has to be the best current t.v. it`s unmissable. Only programme worth staying in for. Gene hunt rocks and Keeley gets more comfortable with Bollys chracter as the series goes on.
    Bring on series 2

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