Coronation Street: Not The Musical

THE headline today seems pretty clear.
“Corrie to plan a stage musical.”
But before you rush off to buy best available in the Royal Circle, I should let you know something.
It’s not true.
The tabloid responsible for the story about a Coronation Street invasion of the West End is just a touch off key.
ITV executive Dawn Airey often talks about exploiting the network’s key brands in more effective and creative ways.
And she was thinking aloud recently about what might follow the example of Bad Girls: The Musical.
Dawn was quoted as saying: “Loose Women would be ideal.

“You can make money out of The Vagina Monologues, so what’s the difference?”
But that’s about as far as it got.
And I’m told she did not talk about Corrie – and has definitely not given any go ahead to a Weatherfield musical.
The fact that it isn’t true might not stop this story spreading.
After all – like the tale of a Rovers Return on every High Street – who’s to say that it might never happen?
It’s yet another example of the old cliché: Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
Serve up the Google News feed later today or tomorrow to see who reproduces the story without bothering to check it out first.
Meanwhile the Rovers regulars missed out at last night’s Royal Television Society Awards.
The Bill took home the gong for Best Soap and Continuing Drama.
But Corrie cast members, including rising star Michelle Keegan (pictured), who plays Tina McIntyre, certainly outshone the Sun Hill mob in the glamour stakes.
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