Coronation Street: Wife Swap Bruce

FORMER Coronation Street star Bruce Jones admits he’s found it hard to escape the shadow of layabout Les Battersby.
In a revealing edition of Celebrity Wife Swap tomorrow night, he says his wife Sandra calls him Les every morning.
She even reckons her idle husband – axed from the show last year – must have written some of the Corrie scripts.
“He wasn’t acting,” insists Sandra.
Bruce broke down in tears while filming the swap with former pop star Sinitta, as you can read in the online version of yesterday’s MEN Pg 3 story here.
Our Good Friday story – see image below – has been picked up by others today.
It’s also sparked a debate on the main MEN site about whether Street bosses should have a change of heart and bring Les back.

Some of the things we couldn’t squeeze into yesterday’s story:
Wife of 30 years Sandra complains that she has to do all the work in their Cheshire home while he escapes to the pub.
“Even though we live in the same house, we live quite separate lives. Day after day, it can get quite lonely,” she says.
Sinitta admits she’s never actually watched Coronation Street and doesn’t know who Bruce is.

He later pretends to go out for a walk but breaks Sinitta’s rules by trying to sneak a pint in one of his local pubs.
The pair are then caught on camera arguing outside after she catches him out.
Sinitta tells him: “You’re turning into a bit of a joke.”
He replies: “I’ve done everything you want. I just wanted 20 minutes on my own.”
Sinitta then remonstrates with Bruce: “But you didn’t need to have it in the pub, having a drink.
“If you can’t even do something like this for a few days, you might find that you’re on your own for the rest of your life because your wife’s unhappy with your lifestyle. I’m actually trying to help you.”
He then storms off, complaining: “I can’t get a word in edgeways.”
Bruce’s later emotional outburst comes after another visit to the pub.
And when the cameras return a month after the swap, Bruce maintains he’s a changed man.
But is Sandra convinced?
Celebrity Wife Swap is on Channel 4 at 8pm tomorrow.
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