Soap Froth: Michelle Collins

THE TV world can throw up stories which have to be treated with caution.
It’s an old game played by certain sections of the media.
Speculate about something that may happen – even if you have no real facts to back it up.
Then weeks or months later you can run another report saying whatever it was is not going to happen after all.
Take the tale last year about Michelle Collins making a possible return to EastEnders.
The fact that her character Cindy Beale is dead didn’t get in the way of the speculation.
Her death could have been faked – or she might even return as a ghost, it was claimed.
All of which left the actress herself totally baffled.
“That was a bit weird,” said Michelle.

“Even my own mother thought that I’d been sworn to secrecy and I was going back.
“I was very confused as to what was going on.

“It was odd, especially when I started to appear on front covers of magazines.
“It’s also a little bit annoying when you are trying to do something else and you’re doing another job.”
That other job is the role of Karina Faith in ITV1’s new drama series Rock Rivals, which begins at 9pm tomorrow night.
Michelle co-stars with former Corrie actor Sean Gallagher, who plays her husband and rival Mal.
That’s her in the top picture driving his Ferrari into a swimming pool.
You can read the online version of last Friday’s MEN interview with Michelle here.
Also check out the links below.
And talking of Coronation Street…
I’ve been away for a few days but last night caught up with the story headlined: “The Rovers Return Is Coming To A High Street Near You.”
The prospect of “themed lookalike” Rovers Returns has attracted quite a lot of coverage.
But ITV has described the report as “highly speculative”.
Which almost certainly means The Rovers Return is NOT coming to a high street near you.
All we have to do now is wait for the follow up story explaining how the plans have been axed.
Pop Fiction…Or Reality?
Rock Rivals Has The X Factor
Michelle Makes A Splash


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One response to “Soap Froth: Michelle Collins

  1. Nicki

    I have never watched anything so poor! This has certainly reached rock bottom. If this is the best ITV can produce no wonder it’s losing money!
    I was very disappointed as was everyone I have spoken to today. How anyone could have thought it would be worth watching is beyond me. An all time low!!!

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