Benidorm: Wendy Richard

THE flight from Manchester touches down next month for a new series of a rare sight on ITV1.
Benidorm is back for a second spell by the pool with a sunshine script from Derren Litten.
ITV has struggled in recent years to produce a decent sitcom.
But while not to everyone’s taste, Benidorm might just have cracked the problem.
We saw the first two episodes in the second series at the press launch in London yesterday, ahead of interviews with the ensemble cast.
Many return from the first series, including Johnny Vegas, Steve Pemberton, Siobhan Finneran, Janine Duvitski and Abigail Cruttenden.
And there are also guest appearances from ex-EastEnder Wendy Richard and Margi Clark.
Wendy is sprayed with squirted sun cream during a duel by the pool.
She later ends up being pushed into the water.

The veteran actress, who guests as battleaxe Sylvia in episode five, also had a few problems controlling her character’s mobility scooter.
“It was hysterical trying to get the hang of using the mobility chairs – I don’t drive anyway, so I found it extra hard to control,” she explained.
“If I wasn’t zooming into a broom cupboard by mistake, I was knocking over potted palms.”
Several of the cast were hit by the ‘Benidorm Bug’ and had to cope with rain and floods which carried cars down the street.
They were also astonished to discover that last year’s first series has sparked a tourist boom.
Many of the holidaymakers they bumped into during filming said they had chosen the resort because of the show.
More from Benidorm next month.
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