Stephen Fry: Walking With 007

THE name’s Fry. Stephen Fry.
He picked up a lifetime achievement award at the British Comedy Awards last night.
And earlier this week Stephen revealed how he’s lost weight, with a little help from James Bond.
A group of us hacks were in a room in London, with Stephen on screen via a live satellite link to Miami.
The actor, presenter, writer and comedy star is in America filming a new BBC documentary series in which he will visit all 50 states.
During the course of a very entertaining 45-minute interview he talked about a wide range of subjects.
That included plans to spend Christmas with House star Hugh Laurie and his family.
Stephen and Hugh are, of course, very old friends.
“It’s brilliant that he’s had this success and I’m, obviously, very proud,” remarked the ever-generous Mr Fry.

We also spoke about the second series of ITV1 drama Kingdom, which begins in the New Year.
Stephen, 50, again takes the lead as country solicitor Peter Kingdom (pictured).
“In episode one I am probably three stone heavier than I am in episode six,” he revealed.
“It was rather pleasing to lose that much weight. I’m putting it on again in America, you may notice.
“How did I lose the weight? Prepare to be astonished – I ate less food. That is the only way.
“I did also exercise to the extent that I went for walks every morning.
“I mostly thank the actor Rufus Sewell. He does the James Bond audio books.

“It’s really good to have a brisk 40 minute walk every morning if you can.
“Obviously, when you’re filming it needs to be very early, so you get up about five or 5.30.
“To walk 40 minutes briskly, you need something to keep you company.
“Music, somehow, doesn’t do it. You start getting very annoyed about certain kinds of music.
“But Rufus Sewell reading an Ian Fleming story is just about perfect.
“You don’t notice you’re walking and you walk faster and faster because it’s very tense.
“And he does it brilliantly. So I’m very happy to endorse him.
“That is one of the secrets. Otherwise, just barely eating.”
Stephen continued: “I gave up smoking this year and I am rather proud of that. Pathetic, isn’t it?
“But for 30 years I’ve been a smoker – heavy to industrial-strength smoker.
“And now I’m not, and that’s a very good feeling.
“Food is the last one left. I wrote on my blog an article about addiction.
“Since I was four and got addicted to sweets, I’ve been an addictive personality.
“There’s nothing left for me now, apart from coffee.”
Last month Stephen picked up an Emmy award for BBC documentary The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive, his personal film about bipolar disorder.
As you might guess, he’s a very busy man.
Projects lined up for 2008 include filming of his screenplay Dambusters, an intriguing re-make of classic 1955 British war film The Dam Busters.
He’s also travelling to South America, Africa and China for a documentary on endangered species, inspired by Douglas Adams’ book Last Chance To See.
Then there’s the screenplay The Mathematician, about Indian maths genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.
And he’s written the script for Cinderella, which opened at London’s Old Vic Theatre this week, two new series of QI…
But when he finally gets time, one of our national treasures would like to make another personal documentary – possibly about addiction.
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