Spooks: Farewell Hermione

HERMIONE Norris was looking well when I met up with her earlier this week.
If you’re a Spooks fan and haven’t yet watched last night’s BBC1 episode, stop reading now.
On the day we spoke, a certain tabloid newspaper had published a screen grab of spy Ros Myers – dead in her coffin, the victim of a lethal injection.
Which was rather strange for those of us who had already seen preview DVDs of Hermione’s departure from the series.
As you’ll know if you watched last night – or last week on BBC3 – Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) switched syringes.
Ros appeared dead, with no pulse, thanks to a synthetic nerve agent called TTX2, which simulates death.
I imagine you can achieve the same sort of effect by watching too much daytime TV.

Anyway, the scene required Hermione to play dead in a coffin for the best part of a day’s filming.
Not made any easier by the fact she was almost eight months’ pregnant with daughter Hero.
“I had to stay perfectly still and not move a muscle,” she told me.
“When you have a baby, you become very aware of your mortality.
“So lying in a coffin was intense and quite traumatic.”
The ever-thoughtful Adam brought Ros back to life.
He had even packed her an overnight bag with passport, money and a change of clothes.
As “dead” MI5 agent Ros walked out through the graveyard, her Spooks colleagues gathered around her own grave.
Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted that the plate on the coffin lid read: “Rosalind Sarah Myers 1973 – 2007”
Hermione – born in 1968 – smiled: “Rupert was laughing at the date of birth, saying, ‘Yeah, in your dreams.’”
She also gave her latest thoughts on the possibility of a Cold Feet reunion.
The online version of today’s MEN story is here.
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