Britain’s Got Talent: Amanda Holden

AN interview with Amanda Holden is never dull.
She’s still as open, funny and occasionally indiscreet as the first time I met her in 1999 at the launch of a new series called The Grimleys.
All of which does her credit after what she’s been through at the hands of certain sections of the press.
This week Amanda gave a behind the scenes glimpse from this year’s Royal Variety Performance – and her thoughts on Simon Cowell’s teeth (pictured).

By all accounts, former mobile phone salesman Paul Potts all but stole the show at Monday’s performance in front of the Queen.
Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul was introduced on stage by judges Amanda, Simon and Piers Morgan.
As you may recall, his prize for winning the series included a chance to appear at the Royal Variety.
“I went up with the boys – the audience went mental for Paul Potts,” said Amanda.
“And then at the end, when we have to get into the horseshoe to actually meet the Queen, there was this very respectful silence – until she got to him.
“We all erupted and clapped and cheered. We felt really proud of him.

“He looked great – he’s had all his teeth done, 15 injections.
“He looks amazing, and he hasn’t been to the same dentist as Simon. They look really natural.”
The 79th Royal Variety Performance – held this year at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre – is screened on ITV1 at 8pm this Sunday.
A second series of Britain’s Got Talent comes to the same channel next year.
“We start again in January. I can’t wait,” revealed Amanda.
“For three months we’re going around the country, just everywhere, auditioning.”
She said the plan was then to show those auditions on six consecutive Saturday nights in May – followed by the live finals.
Amanda has also been filming a programme with the working title Where Did Britain’s Talent Go?
That involves her catching up with people who won shows like Opportunity Knocks and New Faces – some famous, and some not so famous.
She’s back next month in a third series of ITV1’s Wild At Heart, having already filmed her dramatic departure from the hit Sunday night drama.
As open and honest as ever, Amanda told me: “I keep getting told off for giving it away.”
More about that on another day.
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