Harry Potter Star Daniel: My Boy Jack

THERE was a chill wind blowing around the Imperial War Museum in London this morning.
Inside, the media gathered to watch a screening of My Boy Jack, a moving film to be screened on ITV1 this Remembrance Sunday.
It’s the story of Rudyard Kipling and his son who was killed during World War One – on the day after his 18th birthday.
Jack is played by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, which explained the high turnout first thing on a Monday.
There’s a feature on Daniel and the drama – which comes highly recommended – in tomorrow’s MEN.
Tue Nov 6 update: The online version of the feature is here.
As you might imagine, there was a lot to discuss about the film.
But some of the tabloids were also fishing for a line on Daniel.
His screen mother is played by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.
Had he seen the series?

Daniel turned to his co-star and said: “I’m sorry Kim, I didn’t watch Sex and the City.”
Kim smiled and told him: “It’s on DVD…”
Daniel: “You can always get me it for Christmas.”
Kim: “He’s seen the rest of my body of works.”

A change of tack, as someone else asked about his Broadway debut next year in Equus – reprising his naked West End role.
“I’m incredibly excited,” answered Daniel.
“I think we open about mid-September next year.
“Of course there’s nerves. If I wasn’t nervous, then I’d be dead. You have to feel nervous, I think. It’s a good thing, it’s healthy.”
And then a question about the moustache he sports for My Boy Jack.
Obviously not having seen Daniel talk about it on Saturday’s Parkinson, someone asked it it was real.
“It was glued on with industrial fresh glue every morning.
“I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it – in the morning.
“But every afternoon it would get a bit itchy and hot.
“It felt really masculine in the morning and just felt stupid in the afternoon.”
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