The Ex Factor

THERE is no such thing as a day off in this game.
Take yesterday – Friday.
I even booked it as a day’s holiday, just to catch up on exciting things like a haircut and going to Tesco.
The TV world had other ideas.
News broke late on Thursday night, confirming that Richard and Judy were quitting their teatime C4 show.
There was also a news story on The X Factor’s Raquelle Gracie to write after our weekly chat on Thursday.
And a TV feature to file for Monday’s MEN about the return of BBC1’s The Street.
By early afternoon, the delights of Tesco’s checkouts appeared within grasp.
Then came word from The X Factor press office that Emily Nakanda had “withdrawn” over that “Happy Slap” incident.
Despite the form of words agreed with Emily, 15, and her family, it’s pretty clear that she was sacked from the show.
And quite right too.

As discussed here before, I’ve got a lot of time for Simon Cowell.

I disagreed with his decision to lower The X Factor age limit this year to 14.
But he tells it as he sees it and knows right from wrong.
Which is why he ruled that Emily had to go.
The whole sorry episode will, of course, simply increase viewer interest in this year’s live finals.
Tonight Raquelle – and Hope – sing the Madonna song Hanky Panky, and finally get to take cover.
You can read more in the online version of today’s MEN story here.
Raquelle, 20, also told me about the positive side to girl power.
It involved lots of surprised trick or treaters knocking on the door of The X Factor house in north London, not knowing who was living inside.
“We were signing autographs and it was just really nice to see them so happy.
“Just signing a piece of paper made their evening.”
Now, do you need anything at Tesco?
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