Backstage: The Aftermath

NO-ONE was sure if Simon Cowell had ever sported quite such a huge grin.
The teeth were certainly sparkling after The X Factor was named Most Popular Talent Show.
With no hint of irony after recent phone-in scandals, viewers were asked to vote for this category while last night’s National TV Awards were on air.
“Being kept waiting, being judged, it was like being a contestant,” Simon said in the press room later.
“I didn’t like it.
“I’m really happy – I was really, really nervous.
“Just the idea of someone else winning it.”
Asked if he was now confident that every X Factor vote this year would be counted, he replied: “Yeah, very much so.

“And if I didn’t think it was going to work, I genuinely wouldn’t have a telephone vote on the show.
“It’s as simple as that.”

Standing beside him, Sharon Osbourne was asked if she’d been celebrating her success early.
“Oh, well of course. I’m always celebrating,” she laughed.
Simon joked: “She started last week.”
Mr Cowell also gave his verdict on Dermot O’Leary, as the new X Factor presenter stood close by.
“Well, he’s made it through to the next round.
“Dermot’s been an absolute star this year.
“Walking in when someone else has had the gig, it’s not the easiest show in the world to work on.
“But apart from being a great guy and a terrific presenter, he’s fantastic with the talent.”
So that’s Dermot sacked next year then…
Doctor Who, otherwise known as David Tennant, didn’t have much time to celebrate – he had to be back in Cardiff for filming.
“I’m on the M4 in about half an hour.”
He’s yet to see the finished edit of the Christmas special, with guest star Kylie Minogue.
But he thinks we’ll like it.
“She was brilliant on set – fantastic. She just exudes charm and warmth.”
Asked about his forthcoming role as Hamlet, he said: “It’s months away and I’m trying not to think about it.
“It’s a terrifying prospect but it’s, obviously, an ambition as well, so it will be something to cherish when the moment comes.”
Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was still rather bemused by his Special Recognition award when he came in to talk to us.
He said his mum would be very embarrassed.
Backstage At The National TV Awards