Inspector Lynley: One Final Case?

VIEWERS across the globe protested when the BBC announced The Inspector Lynley Mysteries were being axed.
Nathaniel Parker, who played Tommy Lynley, was puzzled by the decision.
As was co-star Sharon Small (Det Sgt Barbara Havers).
Along with other journalists, I spoke to Sharon last night at the launch of a terrific new BBC1 drama series called Mistresses.
Don’t let the title put you off.
It’s a great piece of storytelling, which also features Sarah Parish, Orla Brady and Shelley Conn.
Due on screen early next year, Sharon plays Trudi, a 9/11 widow struggling to move on.
More of that another day.
Naturally, we asked Sharon about the end of Inspector Lynley after six series.

Two final feature-length BBC1 episodes have still to be screened.
The first was postponed at short notice back in August because the plot contained elements similar to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
Without going into detail, it included the fate of Lynley’s five-year-old godson, who went missing 12 years ago.

“One of the episodes, the one that was supposed to go out first, is really quite sensitively close to the Maddy McCann situation,” explained Sharon.
“The BBC were worried that that was going to be too much of an echo of what’s going on there.
“And then just as we were about to put it on that night, this story then blew up again about the DNA.
“It was too sensitive, too close.
“So I have no idea what’s going to happen to it now. I haven’t heard anything.”
But Sharon agrees with Nathaniel that the BBC should consider filming one final farewell story.
“I’m really going to miss it,” she told us.
“I think I would like, perhaps, an episode as a final episode, because we didn’t know that was the final episode that was ever going to be shot.
“So we haven’t had any round-up to anything. That might be nice.
“But, otherwise, I’m really enjoying a character which is probably more similar to me in a way. I’m enjoying the change.”
We also spoke about the web campaign to save Inspector Lynley.
“Yeah, I’ve heard of it – bring it on. I’d like to do another one.
“If people thought that they might quite like that, that might be quite nice.
“I think Nat Parker is rallying up the troops as well – come on!”
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
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3 responses to “Inspector Lynley: One Final Case?

  1. She’s sweet. I hope her new show is a success, but she is right about them needing to wrap up Lynley properly.

  2. Hello Ian,
    I just found your blog and it is a good one. I can tell you that there is also an unofficial Lynley site. I started it because I think the BBC never promoted the series properly. It got lots of visitors and they all like the site very much. I hope you can put the link on your blog. Many thanks.
    Debby Phielix

  3. Ian Wylie

    Thanks Debby. Link added.

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