Coronation Street: Julie Goodyear

THERE’S a spot of mischief making in a new TV interview with former Coronation Street star Julie Goodyear.
It comes as ex-Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan asks the soap queen about her disastrous 2002 return to Weatherfield.
Julie went back to the role of Bet Gilroy / Bet Lynch seven years after leaving the cobbles.
She lasted just 17 days, freely admitting tomorrow night that she simply couldn’t cope with the five episodes a week filming schedule.
With a “panic-stricken” Julie on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the tabloids had a field day.

Piers alleges: “I can tell you that there were several cast members who were deliberately spreading malicious gossip about you.”
He asks if she feels “shocked and betrayed” by that.
Julie replies: “Yes,” adding that she “never, ever” suspected it was the case.
But she says there is “no bitterness” on her part.
“My loyalty to Coronation Street is beyond question.
“And if I could go back, apart from that one hiccup, I can honestly say, hand on heart, I would go back and do it all again.”
It’s an interesting programme, spoiled in part by at least one of the media commentators also interviewed about Julie.
I often wonder if some of these “talking heads” eager to give their opinions have ever actually met the person they’re so knowledgeable about.
The full version of today’s MEN story on Julie is online here.
You Can’t Fire Me, I’m Famous: Julie Goodyear (BBC1, tomorrow, 10.35pm).