Coronation Street New Sponsor

SOMEONE is moving into Coronation Street – as this exclusive pic shows.
Furniture retailer Harveys begin their £20m Corrie sponsorship a week tomorrow – Sunday Sept 30.
Many viewers have been puzzled by the disappearance of sponsorship around episodes this week.
The last Cadbury “bumper” ads were screened last Sunday – and ended without any fanfare with a post-final credits plug for Dairy Milk Melts.

All parties agreed that there should then be a gap between the old Cadbury sponsorship and the arrival of Harveys.
Hence the current lack of sponsors ads.
You can read the online version of today’s MEN story here – with more to come next week.
Harveys, of course, have no editorial input into Street scripts.
But perhaps the writers have had a bit of fun with both the recent arrival of Vera’s vibrating chair and Ashley’s move to Kevin and Sally’s front room sofa.
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