Murphy’s Law: James Nesbitt

JAMES Nesbitt admits he’s not too hot on checking out the worldwide interweb.
“I’ve never been on eBay in my life,” he confessed last night.
“I’ve sent three emails.
“The first was: ‘This is me sending an email.’
“And the second was: ‘Yo!’
“And I sent one the other day to someone called Ray, saying, ‘I’m **** at this. Have I sent you an email?’”
But Manchester United fan Jimmy isn’t worried about missing the latest news on the club website.
“Oh, well, I can just phone up Alex.”

The occasion was the launch at BAFTA in London last night of a gripping new three-part Murphy’s Law special.
Jimmy gives another not to be missed performance as renegade undercover cop Tommy Murphy.
His latest case will be screened over three nights on BBC1, starting on Monday October 1.
That means the former Jekyll and Cold Feet star will be in direct competition with his beloved Reds when ITV1 show Roma’s visit to Old Trafford in the Champions League on Tue Oct 2.
But he has more pressing matters on his mind.

Earlier this year Jimmy went to the ball with Maxine Peake in a new version of Cinderella, part of a modern anthology of Fairy Tales coming to BBC1 soon.
“I play the handsome Prince – it’s a fairly loose adaptation,” he grinned.
But will he be able to get to the ball this weekend?
Chatting after last night’s screening, I asked him if he was going to Man Utd’s big home match with Chelsea this Sunday.
“I’m still in negotiations with Mrs N, to tell you the truth,” he replied.
“If you happen to pass a small, rather beautiful blonde woman, just whisper in her ear: ‘He should go to the match.’”
Like many others, Jimmy is rather bemused by the fuss surrounding the departure of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
“I can’t believe it.
“Two titles in three seasons – we won nine titles in 13 seasons.
“I think Mourinho was interesting but I don’t think they played interesting football.
“I’m glad he’s gone.”
You can read more about Jimmy and Murphy’s Law in next week’s MEN.
Update: The online version of the feature is here.
Murphy’s Law Official Website
Murphy’s Law Wikipedia



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4 responses to “Murphy’s Law: James Nesbitt

  1. Angus Litterick

    You made a film about two petty criminals (James Nesbitt was one of them) who snatch brief cases from apparently wealthy people. you take one from a man with a large amount of money and a ransom note in it and subsequently get chased by the owner of the brief case and another gang.
    Can you tell me the name of this film please.

  2. Ian Wylie

    Angus – it was called Big Dippers, screened in 2005.

  3. Jakob Thorsdal

    I enjoyed Big Dippers very much when it aired last night on Danish television. Now I desperately would like to find a soundtrack, or simply a list of the music used for the score. It’s not on imdb or other places I have searched. Hope you can help.

  4. Mirta Pascual

    ERES UN GENIO !!! , me fascinan las interpretaciones de James !!!, IDOLO !!!

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