Save The Cheerleader…Save The World

WAITING to catch last night’s triple BBC2 / BBC3 bill of Heroes, I checked out the web for sites linked to the show.
As you might guess there are quite a few, aside from the official sites listed in Monday’s blog.
If you haven’t discovered them yet for yourself, I’d recommend fan site 9th Wonders.
Within that I found a link to the latest blog by Greg Beeman, an executive producer and director on the show.
Written ahead of the start of series two in America, it contains mild spoilers and lots of pics of what the cast have been up to recently.
The music of Heroes is listed at HeroesSongs, which is up to speed with the pace of the episodes screened by NBC.

I also discovered that my favourite track so far is called Eyes by Rogue Wave.
You can listen to it via the band’s MySpace page here – check out the music player options to the right.
And, of course, where there’s a hit show, there’s stuff to sell.
Click here for the official American merchandise site.
Salford’s Christopher Eccleston made his debut towards the end of last night’s Heroes marathon.
There’s an interview with him here.