Coronation Street: Helen Worth

ONE of the many things I like about Coronation Street is the seamless mix of the young and not so young.
Jack P Shepherd is, quite rightly, attracting praise for his performance as devil child David Platt.
At just 19, the young actor has a big future ahead in Weatherfield.
Screen mum Gail has finally had enough in tonight’s episode and throws David out.
Most Street fans will also recognise the contribution made to the current storyline by actress Helen Worth, who plays Gail.
Meeting her again recently, I was struck by the enthusiasm she showed for both Corrie, her character and fellow cast members, including Jack, and Tina O’Brien, who plays her daughter Sarah.
This, it has to be remembered, from someone who has been working on the show for 33 years.

Helen, 56, does her job and lets the writers get on with the storylines.
“And nor do I have any reason to interfere and say what Gail should do,” she said.
“I keep thinking I’m being put out to grass and along comes another, due I have to say to the fantastic children, who keep me going.
“It took off with the arrival of Jack and Tina, frankly. Two of the most fantastic kids anybody could ever ask for.”
You can read more from Helen here.
Helen and Jack were also on GMTV this morning still promoting the current drugs drama which has seen little Bethany rushed to hospital.
It has to be said that David hasn’t enjoyed the best upbringing.
“A bad childhood,” conceded Helen.
“But wait till you see the adulthood – I think it’ll just get from bad to worse.”