Corrie’s Flying Ducks

MILLIONS of viewers will have to sit through them hundreds of times.
So are Coronation Street’s new sponsorship idents going to be any better than those awful Cadbury ads?
I’ve now seen the first plug for furniture retailer Harveys.
It will be screened for the first time on Sunday as the company launch their £20m two-year deal to sponsor Corrie.
You can watch it for yourself by clicking on the link at the end of this blog.
Among other things, it features the flying ducks which once swooped over Hilda Ogden’s living room “muriel”.
Viewers will see a series of objects from the home coming to life to watch Coronation Street on TV.
They include those ornamental ducks – former residents at No 13 with Hilda and Stan, played by Jean Alexander and the late Bernard Youens.

Other objects featured in the series of mini-films include a Buddha, Action Man, mannequin, rag doll and dancing flower.
A combination of computer generated imagery and puppetry was used to produce the new sponsorship trailers, along with real life actors.
It’s OK, if you like that sort of thing.

But it’s still yet another ad I’d rather not see before my favourite show, with the potential to irritate over a long period.
ITV is, of course, a commercial channel and depends on ad and sponsorship revenue in order to make the programmes we watch.
And it looks like they – along with C4 and Five – may be given the go-ahead for even longer ad breaks, particularly in primetime.
Regulator Ofcom is looking at proposals to increase the current ad limit of seven minutes an hour to 12 minutes.
Industry experts believe the eventual figure may end up at nine minutes, as British viewers won’t tolerate a higher figure.
And you can be sure that high-rating Corrie would be one of the programmes to get an extended commercial break.
It’s a dangerous game.
Like me, you may already be one of the many viewers who no longer watch TV ads and do their best to avoid the sponsorship idents.
Hard drive recorders allow you to record a programme and then whizz through the commercial breaks at high speed.
Or you can simply pause the live TV picture and then catch up after making a cup of tea or whatever – again missing out the commercial messages.
It’s amazing how much time you can save in an hour by not having to sit through the ad breaks and other trailers.
Increasing the length of those ad breaks simply encourages more people to do the same.
*You can see the first new Corrie ident by clicking below. I feel obliged to say that other furniture retailers are also available:
New Corrie Sponsorship Video File
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