Vicar Of Dibley: Goodbye And God Bless

THE first day of 2007 may already have seen the highest rated TV show of the year.
Dawn French’s farewell as The Vicar of Dibley last night attracted a massive 12.3 million viewers.
That’s just 200,000 less than the highest rated non-sporting programme of 2006 – an episode of Coronation Street last March.
The New Year’s Day finale saw Geraldine Granger married in her pyjamas and leopard print slippers.
She survived Owen’s explosive devices and the Dalek bridesmaids to wed accountant Harry.
Viewers saw her walking on air at the end of the episode, to the sound of Fill My Little World by The Feeling.
Then it was “Goodbye and God Bless” from the classic comedy, with some behind the scenes footage and Alice finally getting one of Geraldine’s post-titles jokes.

I drove through “Dibley” last week and it was crowded with visitors after the first part of the final story was screened on Christmas Day.
Back at home I put on an old episode of Marple, which was also filmed in the village – featuring the pub where Geraldine and Harry had their first date.
And then I caught an ITV repeat of Goodnight Mister Tom – again shot in the same place.
The Vicar of Dibley has given her last sermon, but the tourists will be around for a good few years yet.
When Harry Met…
It’s Murder In Midsomer



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5 responses to “Vicar Of Dibley: Goodbye And God Bless

  1. Joann

    Another classic British comedy!
    I have watched it several times on DVD and never fail to laugh. I was so pleased to be in the UK at Christmas and able to watch the final two episodes which lived up to all of the previous ones.
    Dawn French is a national treasure!

  2. Heather Wheeler

    i loved this episode! richard is the best!!!

  3. Mavis & Mike

    We loved the Vicar of Dibley but we thought it finished years ago. We live in Canada and it was one of our favourite comedy shows. Can you get it back to Canada for us somehow?

  4. Phillip.D.Curwood

    The Vicar of Dibley is a British comedy institution,i for a minute do not believe that it is over.
    Like most classic sit-coms they always return for another special,then another,then another etc.
    We can only pray and hope!

  5. Jan Collings

    We also visited ‘Dibley’ village last weekend. My fiance has spent the summer getting acquainted with Dibley [he can’t get UK Gold at home] and was delighted to be in ‘the’ village for real.
    The first thing I spotted was the school sign, where she got covered in mud by the car Owen was driving.
    The church is fascinating, if only for the fact that it has – in reality – box pews, which I have never come across before.
    It was wonderful to visit Turville and we will certainly be back there again, when time permits.

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