Who Am I?

My name is Ian Wylie and until October 2009 I was the London Editor & TV Editor of the Manchester Evening News.

Now I am a freelance journalist and TV writer.

The original version of this blog was on the MEN site.

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17 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Joann

    I have only just found this website/blog. It is fascinating!
    Particularly as you write about most of my favourite shows. It is all very interesting and insightful and must take up a lot of your time!
    Thank you for sharing with us all your thoughts and news, it is brilliant!

  2. Congrats Ian on a truly exceptional column on LOM. I am wondering though, will you be giving its spinoff A2A the same attention? There is not much news on it yet, but I am currently endeavouring to bring what little there is to the public. Stop by my sites sometime, hopefully you will like them. I have 2 sites dedicated to the series:
    The LOM one also covers the new US Remake of the show.
    Robert Cyberman

  3. Ian Wylie

    Thanks for your very kind comment, Robert. And, yes, I hope to give A2A the same attention. Good luck with your sites.

  4. Anna

    Really interesting blog for anyone who watches telly – ie everyone! But how on earth do you find time to not only write but also check it for comments every day…and do the other job, the one you get paid for? But it’s so tempting to put our thoughts out there, you never know who could be reading…I write for newspapers; my friend worked in telly for many years and we are attempting our first TV script. We have a blog on http://www.cheshirecommunities.co.uk. Click on ‘blog’ then The Drama Queens. We’re writing but have no idea if anyone will ever view it. And we’ve still got the day jobs. But just the thought that someone like you, Ian, will one day review it and like it is keeping us going…

  5. Ian Wylie

    Thanks Anna – the answer is long hours and no sleep. And now I’m hooked on The Drama Queens.
    Excellent blog. Good luck with your Chester-based comedy drama.

  6. lilyvegas

    Ian! Excellent news, thanks for the Spooks update. Any possible way you can at least tell us when the new series will begin to air? Day of the week? I don’t want to wait for 2010 to get it on DVD in the States, so I am planning on flying over to see it in October, any any any details possible at all? Any way to subscribe to this blog? Thank you.

  7. Ian Wylie

    Hi lilyvegas – the BBC1 scheduling won’t be confirmed until a few weeks before the new series begins. Before then it can always change. The new series of Spooks is currently down to appear in the autumn season of programmes and my own guess would be the same sort of period as last year…when the first episode was screened on Tuesday Oct 16. But there are no guarantees about that or the day of the week. And check out “RSS Feeds” at the bottom of the right-hand column on this page to subscribe to this blog.

  8. Pat Kennedy

    Hi Ian – is there anything you can tell me about the new season of Hustle. I read a while ago that Jaime Murray and Marc Warren aren’t in it this year, and that filming has supposedly already started – but since those little snippets it’s all gone very quiet!
    Do you have any ‘inside info’?

  9. Ian Wylie

    Hi Pat,
    I haven’t been on set this year for Hustle but, as far as I’m aware, the new series should now be heading for post-production ahead of screening next year. This was the original BBC announcement:

  10. Pat Kennedy

    Thank you [as usual] for the info Ian.
    That BBC link was early June, and I was hoping it hadn’t hit any snags en route. If you’ve heard nothing -that’s good enough for me!

  11. Neville Wylie

    Hi Just come across your blog and was wondering if you have ancestors or relatives in Scotland. My grandfather immigrated to South Africa from Glasgow in the early 1900’s and unfortunately he and all his children have passed on and so I don’t have anything to go on in trying to find any family in the UK. Yes I am now living in Bournemouth and am just taking a shot in the dark, having stumbled on your Blog, which by the way I did enjoy. Neville

  12. Ian Wylie

    Hi Neville – afraid not. Good luck in your search.

  13. Paolo

    Dear Mr. Wylie,
    Actually i don’t want to leave a comment, but i have a question for you.
    In the last two weeks i finally had the opportunity to see series 1&2 of Life on Mars (if you’re asking yourself how this is possible, it’s because in Italy it hasn’t got a big coverage).
    Anyway i LOVE the series very much, in fact i think it’s one of the best series ever made. There are some personal reasons coming into play, but i don’t want to bore you with this.
    I would really like to send a letter/e-mail to the guys who created the series, but have no idea how to reach them.
    I don’t have anything to sell (if that’s what you’re thinking), but i really would love to know for sure, that they will get my letter, even without responding to me.
    Can you help me? Could i send it to you and you could let them have it or can you give me an address/e-mail.
    I would appreciate that very very much.
    Thank you for your time and patience and excuse my bad english.
    with best regards
    Paolo Gilli
    PS: By the way, I love the site!

  14. Ian Wylie

    Hi Paolo,
    You can contact Life On Mars creators / writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah via:
    And your English is very good!

  15. Paolo

    Thank you so much!!! 🙂
    And keep up the good work
    Best wishes

  16. Lynn

    Hi Ian – I’ve been a reader of your blog, and your TV articles, for some time. It makes such a change to find a journalist who is as enthusiastic about TV as the viewers. Luckily, we also seem to have similar tastes!
    I know you’re a big fan of Spooks so I was wondering if you had seen a certain website which has quite a big S8 spoiler on it. (You’ll know which website it is.) I’m guessing you’ll also be going on your usual press day visit to the set soon (unless you’ve already been) – lucky man! I’m looking forward to your reports and will try and patiently wait for the details as I know you respect the embargoes placed on the interviews and other material you’re made privy to.
    In the meantime, I have A2A2 to keep me happy. I’ll keep an eye out for your updates.

  17. Elliot

    Hi Ian, I am the producer of Lost Christmas for Impact Film & Television Ltd. I noticed you at the BFI screening but didn’t have an opportunity to come and introduce myself. John Hay and I would just like to say thank you for your support with the film. Ultimately we as filmmakers are trying to make stories which the audience will enjoy and hopefully engage with. The response to Lost Christmas has been fantastic and that is due to a passionate audience & fair criticism. I will look forward to keeping you informed of our future productions. Thanks again. All the best, Impact Film & Television Ltd

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