Safe House 2: Interviews

“I still pinch myself sometimes because what I get to do for my life, for my job, is such a privilege.

“And there are moments when you rise above yourself and look down and go, ‘I can’t believe I get to do this.’”

Stephen Moyer talking to me about his role as Tom Brook in Safe House.

A four-part second series of the ITV drama with a new cast, story and location.

You can read my interviews with Stephen Moyer (Tom Brook), Zoe Tapper (Sam Stenham), Jason Watkins (Simon Duke), Ashley Walters (John Channing), Sunetra Sarker (Jane Burr) and Sacha Parkinson (Dani Delaney) at the link below.

Safe House 2 Wylie Interviews

And scroll down for more production photos.

Safe House begins on ITV at 9pm this Thursday (Sept 7).

Stephen Moyer as Tom Brook.
Zoe Tapper as Sam Stenham.
Jason Watkins as Simon Duke.
Ashley Walters as John Channing.
Sacha Parkinson as Dani Delaney.
Sunetra Sarker as DCI Jane Burr.

Sunetra Sarker as DCI Jane Burr and Gary Cargill as DI Olly Vedder.