The Loch: Who Is The Real Monster?

“EVERYBODY has their own shadow. The shadow within.

“I find all of that really interesting. Maybe it explains why we all like to read or watch dark stories.

“Sometimes people want to look at monsters and hold the darkness up in the light.

“Then put it away safely.”

Laura Fraser talking to me about new six part drama The Loch, which begins on ITV at 9pm this Sunday (June 11).

A murder mystery thriller about a hunt for the real monster within a community.

You can read my interviews for ITV with Laura Fraser (DS Annie Redford), Siobhan Finneran (DCI Lauren Quigley), John Sessions (DCI Frank Smilie), Gray O’Brien (Alan Redford) and Don Gilet (Blake Albrighton) at the link below:

The Loch ITV Wylie Press Pack

Plus scroll down for more production pics.

Laura Fraser as Annie Redford.
Siobhan Finneran as Lauren Quigley.
Gray O’Brien as Alan Redford.
John Sessions as Frank Smilie.
Don Gilet as Blake Albrighton.
Alastair Mackenzie as Craig Petrie.
Simone Lahbib as Mhari Toner.
William Ash as Leighton Thomas and Laura Fraser as Annie Redford.
Murray Fraser as PC Jason Denny.
Shona McHugh as Evie Redford.
Moray Hunter as Ken Patterson.
Jack Bannon as Kieran Whitehead and Euan Stamper as Crawford Baxter.