Churchill’s Secret: Interviews


“EVERYONE has their time.”

Churchill’s Secret (ITV, 8pm this Sunday) is a classic.

One of those films you will remember for a very long time to come.

With some of the finest performances you could wish to see.

In an astonishing story about, perhaps, our greatest Briton.

It was my pleasure to write the cast and production interviews for ITV.

Visiting the set last year during filming.

For some fascinating conversations with Michael Gambon, Lindsay Duncan, Romola Garai, Bill Paterson, Matthew Macfadyen and executive producer David Aukin.

You can read those interviews at the link to the ITV Press Pack / Production Notes below:

Churchill’s Secret Wylie ITV Interviews

The two-hour film tells the story – kept secret until after his death in 1965 – of how Churchill suffered a stroke at 10 Downing Street in June 1953.

In the days that followed his family and staff feared he might not live.

At a time when medical understanding of strokes was not what it is today.

Leaving an unknowing nation without its prime minister as his plight was covered up.

Several months of slow recovery followed with Winston determined to survive both his life-threatening condition and an attempt to replace him as Conservative Party leader and PM.

All set against the wider threat of the Cold War and his quest to avoid global disaster.

The man who saved Britain from invasion and led the nation to victory against Nazi Germany in World War Two pleading:

“Can’t my last victory be one of peace?”

His wife Clementine desperate to persuade her 78-year-old husband to retire before his work kills him.

Lindsay Duncan (Clementine), Michael Gambon (Winston) and Romola Garai (Millie).
Lindsay Duncan (Clementine), Michael Gambon (Winston) and Romola Garai (Millie).

This is television drama at its very best, brillianty adapted by Stewart Harcourt from Jonathan Smith’s recently published book The Churchill Secret: KBO.

Directed by Charles Sturridge (Brideshead Revisted, Shackleton, The Road To Coronation Street) and produced by Tim Bricknell (Eric and Ernie, From There To Here).

Michael Gambon (Winston Churchill), Lindsay Duncan (Clementine Churchill) and Romola Garai (Nurse Millie Appleyard) give remarkable performances in the three lead roles.

With a very strong supporting cast.

Not least Matthew Macfadyen who, for me, has never been better in the relatively brief screen time he has as Winston’s son Randolph Churchill.

As we discover other personal struggles, conflicts and the pursuit of hope.

Together with the story of a little girl called Marigold.

You may well think I’m biased, having written these interviews for ITV.

But I always watch with what I believe is a totally objective eye.

And have just three words of advice:

Do not miss.

Scroll down after these links for more production photos by Robert Viglasky, one of the best in the business.


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Bill Paterson as Lord Moran.
Bill Paterson as Lord Moran.
Matthew Macfadyen as Randolph Churchill.
Matthew Macfadyen as Randolph Churchill.


Daisy Lewis as Mary.
Daisy Lewis as Mary.
Tara Fitzgerald as Diana.
Tara Fitzgerald as Diana.
Rachael Stirling as Sarah.
Rachael Stirling as Sarah.
Christian McKay as Christopher Soames.
Christian McKay as Christopher Soames.
Patrick Kennedy as Jock Colville.
Patrick Kennedy as Jock Colville.