Downton Abbey: Christmas Special

ITV has released the first photo from the much anticipated feature length Downton Abbey Christmas Special.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

L-R: NIGEL HAVERS as Lord Hepworth, SAMANTHA BOND as Lady Rosamund Painswick, HUGH BONNEVILLE as Robert, IAIN GLEN Sir Richard Carlisle, MICHELLE DOCKERY as Lady Mary Crawley and DAN STEVENS as Matthew Crawley.

The special, which takes us into the New Year of 1920, has yet to be scheduled although there is speculation it will broadcast on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

I’ll be attending next month’s press preview screening in London and interviewing the cast.

In the meantime you can click here to catch up on my Downton Abbey Blogs.

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8 responses to “Downton Abbey: Christmas Special

  1. I’m very curious why they desaturated the photo, it looks so somber and quiet… what does it foreshadow? I’ve yet to see season two and am quite impatient for January. Looking forward to more information on the Christmas special.

  2. John

    My guess is that Mary and Matthew will do so some furtive flirting and that will make Sir Richard jealous. As a result, he’ll accidentally shoot Matthew while out hunting. The final shot will be of Matthew bleeding to death in the woods as the screen fades to black. This will be the cliffhanger to lead into season 3.

  3. Helen

    You didn’t list the dog names!
    The dog on the left is Isis, the lovely Crawley dog.

  4. “You didn’t list the dog names!
    The dog on the left is Isis, the lovely Crawley dog.”
    Actually I think that is Pharoah, the larger male dog from the first series risen from the dead! …… and digitally comped into the photograph.

  5. Mumsie

    This has to be the best production and cast in a very long time!!! Enjoy this tremendously, so much so, I even have my husband on edge for the next installment! Have the complete series one, waiting for two….I’d like it never to end!

  6. comtessedemontecristo

    Season 1 lands at last in France
    Tele Monte Carlo December 10th 8.30pm
    I guess I will have to stay at home for the show… Even if Ian’s comments have already propelled me in the season 3…

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