Spooks: Up On The Roof

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HARRY and Ruth are sitting together on a park bench.

Ruth: “Do you know what it’s like to feel something for someone and then one day realise you don’t even know them?”

Harry: “You do know me. You know all the important things.”

Spooks series 10, episode four.

In which we learn battle-weary Sir Harry has so many more secrets.

And we go up on the roof of Thames House.

Where Calum asks: “So it’s five of us against the CIA?”

Later starting a high tech MI5 search for someone by declaring: “Let’s see if he’s on Facebook.”

Harry and Elena

With just two episodes left after this one, there are still many questions to be answered.

Are we entirely convinced CIA are the baddies in all of this?

Exactly who was the woman in that video?

And will Ruth leave Harry to join William Towers at the Home Office?

Harry gets quite a bit of fresh air this week.

Also meeting Elena – and Sasha – in another park.

The story of the week is a bit of a thriller, involving the threat of suicide bombings in London.

Not unfamiliar territory for Spooks but this storyline has a number of personal twists.

Ending up with some edge of the seat moments in Trafalgar Square.

Lara Pulver gets her chance to shine as single mum spy Erin Watts.

Or “silly mummy” as her daughter Rosie calls her at breakfast time.

Ruth, Harry and Calum

Students of The Harry and Ruth Relationship Academy will find out more about their possible future paths in that park bench scene towards the end of this hour.

As well as during one of those revealing “Next time” teaser trails at the conclusion of the episode.

Having now seen the stunning last ever episode of Spooks, I can say the finale is beautifully done and met my – high – expectations.

For obvious reasons, I can’t answer any questions about it.

Other than to say, treasure these final three episodes.

Because very soon, as it is now for me, the wonderful ten series Spooks’ journey will be at an end.

Spooks continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday.

I'll shake that loose change out of your coat pockets, Elena, if it's the last thing I do.
Home Secretary William Towers and Sir Harry.
Lara Pulver as Erin Watts, Max Brown as Dimitri Levendis and Asif Khan as Ashur
"Calum, are you sure that's Harry on Twitter?"
Just three episodes left.
Max Brown as Dimitri
Dimitri chasing shadows?
That man again.
Up on the roof.

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