Injustice: Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel Parker as Martin Newall

THE jury verdict is returned in tonight’s concluding episode of Injustice.

Did I guess the final twists in the five-part ITV1 thriller, written by Anthony Horowitz?


They also surprised some members of the cast before they received their scripts for the last hour.

Nathaniel Parker plays oil company lawyer Martin Newall, on trial at the Old Bailey for the murder of his secretary half his age in a hotel room.

While his defence barrister William Travers (James Purefoy) – an old university friend – is closing in on the reason why Newall may have been framed.

Not forgetting Travers’ own out of hours justice via a gun.

And what of wife-beater Detective Sergeant Mark Wenborn (Charlie Creed-Miles)?

“The twists and turns are fantastic and this drama takes you that little bit further. I didn’t guess the ending,” Nat, 49, told me.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries actor also appears as a regular character in the new 13-part series of BBC1 hit Merlin, which airs this autumn.

“I play a chap called Agravaine. In mythology he is Arthur’s (Bradley James) nephew but we’ve made him his uncle.”

Horseracing fan Nat added: “I’ve been riding a wonderful Spanish stallion called Jimmy on location in France.

“He was very jittery and jumpy at first and frisky as hell. He didn’t know what to do on set when we started but I love riding.

“I realised at the age of 11 that there are no boys in stables at that age. So I used to think it was quite a good place to hang out.”

Injustice concludes on ITV1 at 9pm tonight.

If you’ve been watching, let me know what you think.

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