Nathaniel Parker as Martin Newall

THE jury verdict is returned in tonight’s concluding episode of Injustice.

Did I guess the final twists in the five-part ITV1 thriller, written by Anthony Horowitz?


They also surprised some members of the cast before they received their scripts for the last hour.

James Purefoy on BBC1 Breakfast today.

INJUSTICE actor James Purefoy is still set to star in the return of classic TV show The Saint.

Or so it would appear.

I spoke to him about the role of British international playboy Simon Templar when we met in London last month.

James told me that filming of an American TV pilot – The Saint In New Orleans – was due to start in July.

Of which more further down this blog.

But he was not asked about the project when he appeared on BBC1’s Breakfast sofa this morning.

Or during his ITV1 interview with Lorraine yesterday.

William Travers (James Purefoy) and wife Jane (Dervla Kirwan)

IT begins at 9pm tonight and is worth sticking with, especially for the big twist at the end of episode one.

The first of several surprises that will keep you guessing until the final minutes of episode five on Friday.

I met up with the cast and writer of ITV1‘s Injustice last month.

Leading man James Purefoy told us about his plans to play The Saint – of which more in this blog tomorrow.

Update: The Saint: James Purefoy

While Dervla Kirwan revealed the truth about her iconic voiceovers for those Marks and Spencer commercials.

My feature on Injustice is in today’s MEN – and in full online below.