Married Single Other: Miranda Raison

Miranda Raison as Jo in Spooks

FORMER Spooks star Miranda Raison looked stunning at the launch of her new TV series in London today.

Married Single Other is a six-part romantic comedy drama due on ITV1 soon.

Telling the story of three couples and also starring Ralf Little, Lucy Davis, Shaun Dooley, Amanda Abbington and Dean Lennox Kelly.

Miranda plays single model Abbey, with a very different look to MI5’s Jo Portman (pictured above).

For one thing she has long hair. And for another, she wears dresses.

Abbey is an intriguing, enigmatic figure when we first meet her.

More about her and the rest of the series nearer transmission – with photos.

But, naturally, I asked Miranda about Jo’s death in episode three of the last series of Spooks, screened in November.

Many fans were puzzled at how little screen time the character got in her farewell episode – before being shot dead.

It appears that was simply a tale of two TV productions.

How did filming her final exit fit in with making the new Leeds-based drama?

“It sort of didn’t,” she replied.

“There was a five week overlap. So for the first three episodes, I was very much in the sports jacket and the short barnet, then getting in the car every few days to go to Leeds and have my hair glued on.

“And then when we actually filmed the death scene in Spooks, we wrapped at seven o’clock in Surrey and then started a night shoot at two in the morning in Leeds.

“But, having said that, I did keep saying to myself, ‘It’s a very fortunate position to be in.’

“And it was light relief. If I’d been going to do another serious drama, where I’d been crying and covered in snot and blood, I think it would have been a bit too much.

“But there was no snot and very little blood in this.”

Update: Married Single Other: Ralf Little plus photo gallery.

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