Ashes To Ashes: Death Of A Princess

CAN we trust the Gene Genie?

You’ll get the answer in episode two of the new series of Ashes To Ashes.

I’ve just watched a preview DVD for a second time, having left several days to get over a jaw-dropping moment the first time I saw it.

In particular, a word that rocks Gene back on his heels.

As usual, I won’t spoil the work of Ashes co-creator and episode writer Matthew Graham by revealing it in advance.

But just watch what Ray (Dean Andrews) does in the split second cut to the next scene.

Attention to detail is just one of the many reasons why I love Ashes To Ashes.
In a world where, yes…everything is still significant.

Some of the reviews of the first episode actually make me embarrassed for my colleagues in Her Majesty’s Press.

Critics know nothing – ignore them.

What’s more important is that seven million viewers watched last night’s opening story.

That’s not counting those who will see it later via time-shift viewing or the many who watch Ashes via iPlayer.

Personally, I take the views of real people sat at home far more seriously than a handful of fellow hacks who would struggle to fill a taxi.

So what’s in store in episode two on BBC1 next Monday?

Just the 18 pages of notes taken on this one.

And they say you don’t get value for your BBC Licence Fee?

“Do I know you?” Alex asks a young girl in the Fenchurch East police HQ.

Later, Alex tells Shaz: “I’ve got a head with a bullet in it.

“What if I start forgetting where I’m from and then I forget that I’ve forgotten, Shaz?

“I can’t forget.”

If you’ve read the press info for episode two, then you’ll know the story of the week involves a gypsy camp.

Joseph Millson is almost unrecognisable in a guest role as GP Dr Battleford.

Roger Allam continues to impress as Supermac.

With a voice like thick gravy over gravel.

This is the ep where Gene joins the Masons.

Cue a rolled up trouser leg, among other things.

We also find out something we didn’t know about Shaz’s family background.

But will she make Chris the proudest man alive?

While Alex encounters her freaky stalker again.

Can they make it home together?

Gene tells Alex: “I would suggest you keep that pretty little head of yours in the real world, Drake.”

To which she replies: “But what if there’s more than one real world?”

Philip Glenister shows Gene in all his many colours.

With Keeley Hawes also brilliant as the now calmer but still disturbed DI Drake.

And as for that chessboard ceiling in CID…something is very definitely in the air tonight.

Other things to watch out for:
1. What does a half naked Gene keep under his towel in the sauna?
2. Who is DCI Garrett?
3. Gene’s star sign.
4. What do the Tarot Cards say about Alex?
5. The writing on Gene’s PC screen.
6. A line from the ever-patient Luigi, played by Joseph Long.
7. A flavour of soup.
8. Gene holding another woman’s hand.
9. Gotcha.
10. And in the end titles teaser for episode three…a big shock for Alex at the hands of Morph.

Several excellent choices of music in the episode two soundtrack, including one of my all time favourites, which I bought the first time around. Also check out the links at the bottom ot this blog…and steer clear of critics.

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