Life Of Wylie: Twitter

Yes, I know…they are possibly the five most boring words on the web at the moment.
“I am now on Twitter.”
I’m still to be convinced that Twitter is not a triumph of hype over actual substance.
And possibly a step too far into our computer screens.
But I am now on here.
Updating regularly with yet more “inside” info about the Life Of Wylie, among other things.
While also, of course, blogging away here – with exciting developments ahead.
Thanks to all of you lovely readers, The Life Of Wylie blog recorded a million page views in 2008.

With up to 50,000 unique users every month.
Quite apart from those who also read my TV features and news stories on the main MEN site – with the odd foray into Sport and Business.
That has now been verified as the No 1 regional newspaper site, with an average of 1.127 million unique users a month.
So if a few of you want to follow me on Twitter, I’d be delighted.
And if you don’t, I won’t take it personally.
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