Waterloo Road: Angela Griffin

ANGELA Griffin made quite an impact when she returned to Waterloo Road this week.
The former Coronation Street star told me it was a big episode for her character Kim Campbell.
And she wasn’t kidding.
Filmed in Rochdale, Waterloo Road is one of those dramas which is often ignored by TV critics.
Which is a shame – because it’s a cracking midweek watch.
It knows what it is and does its job very well.
When I met up with Angela recently, she confessed: “Waterloo Road is one of those programmes where, for some reason I think that I shouldn’t like it.

“If I wasn’t in it, I would go, ‘Oh, eight o’clock drama, BBC, there’s so much to do…I want to have a nice eight-parter or something.’
“And then you watch it and it’s bloody brilliant.
“You kind of think there’s going to be something about this that isn’t highbrow enough for me.
“And then you get into it and they do such a good job.”
Angela has, of course, gone on to many other things since leaving Corrie.
But I have to admit I was surprised when she told me soap bosses had never contacted her about a possible return for hairdresser Fiona Middleton.
Time passes, of course, and some characters just wouldn’t fit in.
While the actors who play them have also moved on to a different point in their career.
Angela, for example, is about to appear in a Hollywood film – click on the link at the bottom of this blog for more.
She’s also back in Rochdale from May to film another series of Waterloo Road.
If you’ve not seen it recently, give it a try – BBC1, 8pm every Wednesday.
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