Law, Order And Strictly Freema

ASK most actors about reality TV and you’ll get a similar answer.
They hate it.
It pushes more expensive drama off the screen and results in fewer job opportunties for them.
But some, including Law and Order: UK star Freema Agyeman, have a different view.
There wasn’t room to include her thoughts on reality television in this week’s MEN TV feature interview here.
So for those who are interested, here’s what Freema had to say:
“I love reality telly. I must confess, I do watch it,” she told us at the launch of the new ITV1 series.

“That’s all I pretty much watch.”
So would Freema go on Strictly?
“Oh no, I’d be too scared.
“I’d be stood in the wings, you know when they announce your name to go on – I don’t know if I could.
“Right now, I’m all consumed with what’s going on in my acting.
“If there’s ever a break and I decide I want to try my hand at something else, then, yeah, it would be a laugh.
“But not right now – way too scary.”
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