Coronation Street: Flaming Nora

IN her own words, she blogs about “this, that and Coronation Street”.
If you’re a fan of all things Weatherfield, then Flaming Nora is an essential destination on the world wide interweb.
Want to know what Norris Cole is actually looking at on The Kabin’s storeroom computer?
That’ll be Nora’s Coronation Street Blog.
And the laptop which mysteriously floats around the Platt household?
Bound to have her other fully Flaming Nora site bookmarked.
Which leaves us with the mystery that is Blanche’s bedroom.
Did we catch a glimpse of it the other day?

Obviously carefully avoiding any camera shot of her Dell silver surfer widescreen PC.
Locked on to Nora’s Coronation Street Weekly Updates, which began way back in 1995.
The best place to catch up on all the gossip.
Nora sometimes assumes the identity of Glenda Young.
A Mackem from Ryhope, near Sunderland.
But I won’t hold that against her.
If you love Corrie, then check Flaming Nora out.
Flaming Nora