Shameless: Defining Moments

SOME people really ought to get out more.
It was a tired old question posed by a TV interviewer.
Are there really people like that?
Shameless star David Threlfall, who plays Frank Gallagher, toured the television studios yesterday.
Ahead of the launch of the sixth series on Channel 4 and E4 last night.
Which is how it came to pass that Breakfast co-presenter Bill Turnbull asked: “No-one’s really, really like that, are they?”
Prompting David to reply: “Yeah, yes, what’s the matter…get out more, Bill.
“Of course there are.

“When you get out on the estates and when you’re filming, the line between what we’re doing and the so-called real people and the actors is very, very fine.”
Having been raised on a council estate in Newcastle and lived a bit since, I totally understand where Shameless is coming from.
Plus its celebration of love, family and daily survival.
One reviewer this morning refers to “those of us who have never believed for a moment that life among the underclass resembles life on the fictional Chatsworth estate”.
Let’s ignore the potentially offensive use of the word “underclass”.
And suggest he takes some time to talk to people who actually live on estates much like the Chatsworth.
There’s more on Shameless in today’s MEN, with Frank set to become a man of letters.
You can read the online version here.
With little Liam’s (Johnny Bennett) – pictured – leaning towards genius to be discovered by his teachers later in this new 16-part series.
A genius on the Chatsworth? Are there really people like that?
I mean, what’s that Paul Abbott ever achieved, eh?
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