Whitechapel: Rupert Penry-Jones

THERE was one question I wish I’d asked Rupert Penry-Jones at the launch of new ITV1 drama Whitechapel.
I know he will have heard it many times before.
But I have this image of his actress wife Dervla Kirwan serving up a TV dinner at home.
Does the voice of those commercials inform him, “This is not just microwaved Chicken Arrabbiata…this is Marks & Spencer…”
Happily, the questions were – hopefully – a bit more sensible than that.
As you can read in today’s MEN TV feature here.
Extra content which didn’t make the final cut of the story included confirmation that Rupert has no regrets about moving on from Spooks.

Asked about the contrast between working on Whitechapel and Spooks, he replied: “Well, you’re not as knackered as you normally are.
“I used to get injured all the time in Spooks from diving over cars and pulling muscles and running down streets and all that kind of thing.
“So it’s quite nice to actually have a break from that.
“It’s more fun to have something to play with and go through a battle within yourself to try and do the right thing, rather than just be the guy who always saves London at the end of every week.
“It was nice to play somebody who wasn’t the ultimate hero.”

He admitted to not knowing much about the original Jack the Ripper case, until he started work on the new three-part thriller.
“All I remembered, really, was this image of a guy in a top hat and tails and the mist from the old movie.”
And talking of movies, box sets and the like, Rupert was asked if he was similar in any way to his character, who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
“I think I’m obsessive about buying DVDs.
“I was with my accountant yesterday and he told me how much money I’d spent on DVDs over the last year.
“I couldn’t believe it – and I’m not telling you how much it was!”
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