Demons: Christian Cooke

OFF to the gym as part of your New Year detox?
Demons star Christian Cooke will not be joining you.
He had to be fit for his role as Luke Rutherford in the new ITV1 drama which starts tomorrow night.
But like many young actors, Christian has to be careful not to bulk up too much.
“I went for a meeting a few weeks ago to play a skinny white kid,” he explained.
“So I guess now I’ve stopped going to the gym because I feel like it’s going to restrict me from getting certain parts.”

You can read more about Christian and Demons – and view a pic gallery – in today’s MEN TV feature here.
Luke discovers he has quite a family history.
But Christian hasn’t bothered to research his own background, aside from recalling one vital fact.
“I know that the only reason I’m here is because one of my great-grandads fell off a bus, lost his leg, went to hospital and met by great-grandma.”
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