Jonathan Creek: Sheridan Smith

SHERIDAN Smith revealed a few behind the scenes secrets when I met her earlier this year.
She stars in the New Year’s Day return to BBC1 of Jonathan Creek.
And is back as Michelle (pictured) in BBC3 Manchester-set sitcom Grownups from Jan 13.
As a huge Creek fan, Sheridan was delighted to land the role of Joey Ross.
It was written for her by David Renwick.
He also wrote Love Soup, in which Sheridan played a perfume counter girl.
TV legend Verity Lambert was the producer behind both Jonathan Creek and Love Soup.
She was Doctor Who’s first producer in 1963.

Then went on to create and produce some of television’s landmark programmes before her death in November 2007 at the age of 71.
You can read more about Verity’s career here.
The second – and final – series of BBC1’s Love Soup was filmed in 2007 and completed just before Verity’s death.
It starred Tamsin Greig as Alice, as well as Montserrat Lombard as Milly and Sheridan as Cleo.

“We had too much fun on that job,” Sheridan told me.
“Verity Lambert used to bribe us with chocolate, if we could get through a scene without laughing.
“Tamsin Greig was the worst.
“And make-up used to go mad at us because we’d have tears streaming.
“Before they said ‘action’ we’d gone.
“Tamsin is the naughtiest, funniest and brilliant woman to work with.”
One of Sheridan’s housemates works in Selfridges.
“Obviously Cleo and the characters in Love Soup were always gossiping about last night’s fella.
“And she said it’s actually like that.
“So David gets it quite right.”
Not surprising, really – as his wife Ellie used to work as a perfumery account manager in a large department store.
You can read more about Sheridan – and view a pic gallery – in today’s MEN TV feature here.
And you can see a very different Tamsin Greig in a new adaptation of The Diary Of Anne Frank.
It’s screened on BBC1 at 7pm across five consecutive nights from next Monday.
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