Great Little Wonders

THE world wide web can be a wonderful place.
Especially when you discover a haunting Christmas film like this.
It was posted on YouTube on December 18.
By someone called Oscar Villarreal, who is proud of his home town.
Using one of the new pocket sized high definition mini camcorders.

I stumbled across it a few days ago.
As have a small number of other people to date.
And thought it was as good a way as any to wish all of you – wherever you are in the world – a very happy Christmas.
Whether you manage to make it to the place you call home.
Or have to spend Christmas away from family and friends.
Oscar adds a little message at the end of his charmingly simple film.
Which could equally apply to the web, TV listings or life in general:
“You can find great little wonders if you really look.”

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