Philip Glenister: These Boots Were Made For Walking

PHILIP Glenister in boots.
They’ve made many a female fan swoon when he’s worn them for roles on screen.
Vanity Fair, Island At War, Hornblower and Cranford all spring to mind.
It turns out there’s a family connection.
“All I know is my family come from Wellingborough, or something really interesting like that,” he says.
“They probably made boots for a living…shoemaking land.”
Phil made the comment at the recent press launch for ITV1’s Demons.
There’s a feature interview with him in today’s MEN, which I’ve just posted online here, including a pic gallery.

Copy has to fit the page, just as a foot has to fit a shoe.
So there wasn’t room for several of Phil’s quotes, including the ones above about his family history.
Or the below.
He does a number of his own stunts in the new series.
There’s one in the first episode where he’s flung back through the air over the bonnet of a car.
“They put this thing round you and a crash mat and just count down: 5-4-3-2-1…boof…and pull you back.
“That was OK.”
Has he ever been bothered by demons, ghosts or whatever in real life?
“Well, if you can count my children waking up in the middle of the night?
“Not really, no. Touch wood.
“I can’t think of any extraordinary or extra-terrestrial experiences that I’ve had.
“But maybe after this…”
There was also a moment right at the start of the press Q&A, which made everyone – including Phil – smile.
Check out the audio clip below and listen for the quiet voice of a female American journalist near the end.
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