Robson Green Joins The National Elf Service

THE sun was streaming through the windows of the conference room where I met up again with Robson Green and Mark Benton.
We were there to discuss their ITV1 Christmas film Clash Of The Santas.
Plus, as it turned out, Robson’s views on Coronation Street and Mark’s role in Harry Hill’s new comedy Soapington Way.
Clash Of The Santas features Robson in a skirt.
“It’s a very short skirt, and green tights,” he pointed out.
“After a while, I forgot I had them on.”
As well as dressing up as an elf, Robson got to wear a Rainbow Santa suit.

Watch the comedy drama at 9pm this coming Sunday for the full explanation.
And you can read today’s MEN TV feature here.
The screen partnership between Robson and Mark is hugely popular with viewers.
And it carries on off screen.
“Whenever I get the chance to work with Mark, we’re going to be doing it,” said Robson.
“I’m probably at my most relaxed when I’m working with Mark.”

Mark added: “We work completely differently when we’re acting.
“But over the time, we just mess about and it’s very relaxing.
“When it becomes time to maybe click on to serious mode, it just happens.”
Robson revealed that he’s no longer a fan of Corrie.
“My benchmark when I was a kid was Pat Phoenix…you had Jean Alexander, you had all these extraordinary – Annie Walker – characters.
“You had Uncle Alf, all this gorgeous ensemble, very rich characterisation.
“And I think the benchmark is very one dimensional now.”
Mark has already filmed the pilot for Harry Hill’s spoof sitcom Soapington Way and hopes to appear in the forthcoming 2009 series.
“I play a cross between Larry Grayson and Craig David…it’s hysterical. Harry’s great.
“Assuming I’m still in it, we’re filming that next year.”
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