Strictly Joy: Tom And Camilla Saved

A night of pure TV gold. (Part two)
Over on BBC1, it was obvious something was wrong as soon as the Strictly Come Dancing results show began.
Bruce and Tess announced that the voting lines had been frozen, which didn’t make sense.
Until you realised that the public could not influence the fate of Tom Chambers and professional dance partner Camilla Dallerup.
After two dances, Rachel Stevens and Vincent Simone, together with Lisa Snowdon and Brendan Cole, had tied for first place with 75 marks.
So as joint top of the leader board, they were both awarded three points.
Leaving Tom and Camilla in third place with just one point.
As Strictly fans will know, the judges have 50 per cent of the final mark, with the other 50 per cent in the hands of the public phone vote.

But even if Tom and Camilla had topped the public vote, the extra three points from that would only had put them on a score of four.
The couple finishing second behind them in the public vote would have got two points – making them winners on the night with five.

And the couple finishing third in that scenario, would have one extra point, leaving them on four.
So whatever the public did, Tom and Camilla were certain to be in the dance-off.
Some newspapers are already talking about a “Strictly Shambles”.
Which is a bit harsh.
It’s certainly true that Tom and Camilla escaped what looked like certain elimination last night.
Which would have been the right result based on that evening’s performances.
If Lisa and Brendan had finished in the dance off, they had a Quickstep to repeat which had already attracted the perfect score of four tens.
While Rachel and Vincent weren’t far behind with a score of 39 for their Argentine Tango.
Tom and Camilla’s highest scoring dance was an Argentine Tango, which scored 34 points.
It would have needed a miracle to save them in the dance off.

Camilla looked like she knew it was the shattering end of her dream, so close to the final prize.
They were down and on the way out.
So she was a condemned woman reprieved when it was announced all three couples were going through to the final.
The look of astonishment on Tom’s face also spoke volumes.
Even with last night’s votes being rolled over into next week, some viewers are already complaining at the decision.
Me? I thought it was a wonderful television surprise.
It was always planned that three couples would be in the final – but that had to be reduced to two when John Sergeant withdrew from the competition.
Now we get the final as originally advertised.
And a bit more joy to spread around in the final week.
It is, after all, only a TV programme…

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