Britannia High: Hit Or Miss?

THERE will be extra interest in the TV ratings released next Monday morning.
Will ITV1’s new Sunday night musical drama Britannia High be a hit?
The first episode goes out at 6.15pm in a direct clash with BBC1’s Antiques Roadshow.
So that should ease the path to reaching younger viewers.
Unless they’re busy on eBay selling off the family silver.
But the Manchester and Salford filmed series – which is actually set in London – also needs to attract a family audience.
The timeslot for episode one means Britannia High avoids a clash with the Strictly Come Dancing results show at 7.15pm.
But it feels like just too early a start for many older viewers, even taking into account the fact that the clocks go back this weekend.
Thanks to ITV1’s coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix, episode two a week on Sunday starts at 7pm.

Regular readers will know that I think Britannia High deserves to be a big success.
Forget comparisons with High School Musical and give it a try.

Georgina Hagen, who plays Lauren, takes centre stage in the first episode.
That’s her in the white top at the front of the group pic above.
You can read my interview with her here.
Also check out the links at the bottom of the page for lots more.
I spoke to Georgina, 17, moments after she’d watched the opening episode for the first time – on a big cinema screen.
“I’ve never seen myself on such a huge scale before and it got me really choked – I cannot believe that I’m up there on that screen,” she said.
Adam Garcia, who plays dance mentor Stefan, knows a thing or two about talent.
He told me the six young stars of Britannia High have what it takes – and more.
“These guys are really some of the best dancers I’ve seen,” he said.
“And they can all sing and they can all act.
“So they’re triple threats. They’re the real deal.
“When you see it live, when you get to be in the room, it’s pretty crazy.
“I’m not sure if I would have been at their level at their age.”
*If you can’t wait for Sunday, the first episode – at the time of writing this – is available to watch online here.
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4 responses to “Britannia High: Hit Or Miss?

  1. Faye

    Well, personally, I’m not going to watch Britannia High. If it’s the “British version of High School Musical” then it’s a copy of the film I love, and I’m not gonna take that. Nothing can beat High School Musical, so, I’m not sticking up for the yanks and putting it down on our country, but I just believe HSM will always be better than Britannia High.

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Faye – I agree that nothing can beat High School Musical, but this is not the “British version of High School Musical” – despite what you may have read elsewhere. I’ve certainly never described it as that. Give it a try – and then decide.

  3. ellens

    This show was toe curlingly awful! A bad rip off of High School Musical. The “stars” unconvincing and the leads down right plain and, Oh! is’nt Georgina’ parents something to do with Starlight Express and the London Paladium? Hmm and of course it didnt make a scrape of difference that Arlene Philips is “practically a second mother” to her. We thought she was a teacher initially. Honestly is that the best they could come up with! For God’s sake there are genuinely talented kids out ther who are not drams school produced.
    Stunning and talented Zak Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dont have anything to fear. its just embarrassing that it will inevitably be served to the American audiences, who, I hope, do not think that all us Brits are as boring and as silly as this crowd of toffs.

  4. Sasha

    I watched and enjoyed it.
    I thnk it’s 110% better than High School Musical.
    I mean, the show’s nothing like the movie.
    The movie is kids in school who all join up to be on the school musical.
    While Britiannia High, is about kids in drama school in London.It’s more serious and honest, it’s more realistic. I think it’s stupid to be compared to High School Musical, which is a bunch of childish cliches.

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