Spooks: Six Days To Go

“SOMEONE is in terrible danger and we’re fighting to save them.
“Isn’t that the only thing that makes sense of, well, all of this?”
Adam Carter goes out in style in the new series of Spooks.
Even though many fans already know, I can’t say when and I can’t say how.
Rupert Penry-Jones, who plays Adam, will be missed.
But production company Kudos always turn such losses into new opportunities.
Such as the arrival of Richard Armitage as Lucas North.
And the appointment of a new chief of Section D.

Peter Firth – MI5 head of counter-terrorism Harry Pearce – has seen cast members come and go.
“Whenever people have left the show, and there have been a considerable number who have left, it’s always through their choice,” explains Peter.
“Mostly because they’re young and they want to go on and do other things.
“So having made that decision, it could be taken as a loss for us.
“But the production company has always made a virtue out of it, by bringing somebody in, making it slightly different and giving a new direction to elements within the show.
“Rupert really made it his own and transformed it in some ways.
“He was very much the go-getter, alpha male action figure.
“Now I think we’ve shifted again.
“We’ve gone back to the darker side of human nature with Richard.”

Peter is magnificent in the opening episodes of series seven.
At various points he had me laughing out loud, close to tears and cheering at the screen.
Just six days to go now…
The pics on this page are among a selection of new series images released today.
*Spooks returns to BBC1 at 9pm next Monday with episode two at 9pm on Tuesday.
For those who can’t wait, episode two can be seen on BBC3 at 10.30pm on Monday with episode three on the same channel at 11pm on Tuesday.
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3 responses to “Spooks: Six Days To Go

  1. Nell

    Gawd, I’m going to miss Adam/Rupert. The human and humane face of the series, flawed but brilliant, utterly loyal, an action hero with a desperate awareness that there is more to life but that he can’t have it.
    A character thoroughly mucked about by the writers but brilliantly and consistently realised throughout by a marvellously subtle actor who can also do the gung-ho heroics when needed.
    So looking forward to what Rupert does next!

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Nell – I’ll hopefully be talking to Rupert again next month when ITV launch Whitechapel.

  3. Nell

    Sounds great, Ian-I did read somewhere that Whitechapel wasn’t going out until next year but bring it on! I’ve never been an actor obsessive as such (with apologies to fans of the lovely Mr Armitage!) but I have honestly enjoyed everything I’ve seen Rupert Penry-Jones do.
    I think the idea of teaming Rupert and Phil Davis again was inspired after the much-underrated North Square.

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