The X Factor: Laura White

LAURA White is many people’s idea of this year’s X Factor winner.
I chatted to Laura yesterday – some 24 hours after she broke down in tears at a press conference.
Happily, Laura, 21, from Atherton is now feeling a lot better and will be singing for someone very special on Saturday night.
You can read the online version of today’s MEN Pg 3 story here.
Due to the usual space restrictions, parts of the interview couldn’t be used.
Among several others things, Laura said she was pleased with the song choice for the first live ITV1 show.
“I’m very happy with the song that I’ve been given this week.
“Hopefully it will go down well.

“I’ve actually performed the song for many years – so it’s definitely me.”
And Laura put the story straight after one of the excitable tabloids claimed she once had a record contract.
“I used to have a management deal when I was 15.
“It was never a record deal.
“But that all got taken out of context.
“And it only actually lasted three to six months anyway – it was a very short deal.
“I didn’t want to be perceived as this girl that had already had a break.
“It was nothing like that.”
I also spoke to Lancashire X Factor finalist Diana Vickers, 17, this morning.
More on her later this week.
Laura and Diana have become good friends after meeting on the last day of Bootcamp.
And if you’ve been watching all the TV coverage, you’ll know they are sharing a room at The X Factor house in London.
You may also have seen that they’ve been given bunk beds.
So the answer to the question you’ll all be asking?
“She’s in the top and I’m in the bottom,” laughed Laura.
Latest X Factor odds – at the time of writing:
To Win:
Alexandra Burke: 7/2
Austin Drage: 4/1
Laura White: 5/1
Diana Vickers: 8/1
Rachel Hylton: 10/1
First To Be Eliminated:
Girlband: 7/4
Scott Bruton: 4/1
Bad Lashes: 6/1
Cheryl Cole to cry live on the first show: 3/1
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