Place Of Execution: Was Justice Done?

DID you see the final part of Place Of Execution on ITV1 last night?
If you’ve recorded it to watch later, read no further…
I asked Greg Wise about the dramatic hanging scene involving his character Philip Hawkin.
But I didn’t use his quotes in my coverage of the drama as they would have given away the fact that Hawkin was executed in the concluding episode.
Wrongly executed, as it turns out – although some may feel justice was done.
Executive producer Sandra Jobling admitted that the hanging scene was her favourite moment.
“I know it sounds terrible but it was the best bit,” she said.
“Filming that scene made the hairs at the back of my neck go up.”

Greg told me about shooting his character’s long walk to the gallows.
“It was beautiful art direction,” he said.

“They’d found an old bonded warehouse, a big open space.
“But just walking into this huge room and seeing a rope, with a noose, can only make you just start ever so slightly.
“The way that our director Daniel Percival shot it is absolutely brutal.
“We are following him from his condemned cell, all the way through – he sees it, we don’t.
“We then come back, see the rope, the rope goes round – end.
“It’s brutal and it’s horrible.
“And the poor old stunt boy who had to do the drop a couple of times, it’s a terrible thing.”
Adapted from the novel by Stockport’s Val McDermid, the drama saw Hawkin hanged in 1964, the year of the last executions in the UK.
So what does Greg think about the death penalty?
“It’s barbaric. And what was lovely about this was it was seen as being barbaric. The act of it is barbaric. He shouldn’t have hanged.
“I’m still so amazed that America has the death penalty.
“It can never be right.”
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