Robson Green: Losing My Religion

YOU can never accuse Robson Green of holding back on his views.
Or of worrying about causing possible offence.
The church came in for a bit of a blasting at the launch of a new series of Wire In The Blood.
It came after Robson was asked if he’d learned things about reading human nature from playing clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill.
“Why religious people are like they are,” he told us.
“Church, it’s obvious. It’s controlling. Religion is about control.
“You go into a church and the first thing you see is a man on a cross.

“Let me tell you, to a child that is terrifying.
“It is there to instil fear, religion. That is what it is.
“They talk like ‘this’ and they’re very pious and they talk to invisible people and it’s ridiculous.
“But it’s there to control.
“And very active religious people are people who are controlled.
“I do believe that – a lot of the nutters within religion are control freaks.”
The new series of Wire In The Blood – in a new format of four two-part stories – is set to start on ITV1 next month.
Let us pray that Robson isn’t hit by a thunderbolt in the meantime.
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