Robson Green: Losing My Religion

YOU can never accuse Robson Green of holding back on his views.
Or of worrying about causing possible offence.
The church came in for a bit of a blasting at the launch of a new series of Wire In The Blood.
It came after Robson was asked if he’d learned things about reading human nature from playing clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill.
“Why religious people are like they are,” he told us.
“Church, it’s obvious. It’s controlling. Religion is about control.
“You go into a church and the first thing you see is a man on a cross.

“Let me tell you, to a child that is terrifying.
“It is there to instil fear, religion. That is what it is.
“They talk like ‘this’ and they’re very pious and they talk to invisible people and it’s ridiculous.
“But it’s there to control.
“And very active religious people are people who are controlled.
“I do believe that – a lot of the nutters within religion are control freaks.”
The new series of Wire In The Blood – in a new format of four two-part stories – is set to start on ITV1 next month.
Let us pray that Robson isn’t hit by a thunderbolt in the meantime.
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2 responses to “Robson Green: Losing My Religion

  1. Barbara Amell

    I greatly admire Robson Green’s work as an actor, and his choice of material for scripts. Thus it is sad to see him among those who fall victim to a prevalent misunderstanding cultivated by the Established Church. Jesus went willingly before trial and execution to expose the corrupt dealings of the Jewish religious leaders. The Gospels contain trail transcripts of crimes against Jewish law punishable by death committed by the Jewish Sanhedrin at Jesus’ trial, at his hearing before Pilate, even at his execution. Had Jesus not submitted to this process, there would have been no other way to obtain written proof of what the Jewish leaders truly were. His followers suffered and died to preserve the records of those trials. Christianity got its start as a stand against the corruption and control exercised by a religious body. The ongoing news stories about corruption in the Christian Church today illustrate the need for the example Christ set for his followers. Green is quite correct about the Church’s frequent use of control, in defining Jesus’ death as blood sacrifice for sins and nothing more. But this was never meant to be the sole foundation of Christianity: Jesus’ stand against corruption and false control was made out of love for his fellows and love for his God. Not one of us has ever seen the love we bear for the people we care for; yet we do not question the existence of that love. We can see the love Jesus has for humanity and for the God he calls Father illustrated in the Gospels, if we understand how to look for it; that is something we can believe in without fear of being controlled.

  2. Hannah Edmonds

    I think it’s brilliant that Robson isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, many people, particularly celebrities are afraid of offending people. I believe in freedom of speech, if we don’t like something, it’s not wrong, it’s our opinion, and on this one, I agree with Robson. Church is all about control, scaring non-believers into believing. If we don’t believe, we’ll go to Hell, regardless of whether or not we are good people. This is what the church teaches us. It teaches us to be the same, to hate people because they don’t believe. Atheism is as much a choice as Christianity.

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