Harry Potter: Geraldine Somerville

HARRY Potter star Geraldine Somerville says her children have yet to see her in the films.
The actress makes brief flashback appearances as Harry’s murdered mum Lily Potter.
But her oldest child – son Caspar, aged six – is banned from watching.
“It’s still a bit scary,” she explains.
I met up with Geraldine recently at the launch of new ITV1 thriller The Children, which co-stars Kevin Whately.
Due on screen next month, it’s a disturbing three-part drama about step families and our messy modern lives.
She plays Sue (pictured), the mother of an eight-year-old girl found dead on the patio of her home.

“When I read the script, I thought, ‘This is such a pertinent drama.’
“I think it’s very real – it really made me think long and hard.”
Now a mother-of-three, the former Cracker actress is selective about the roles she takes.
“It’s difficult working with three young children.
“I only choose things that I really want to do.”
That, of course, includes finishing off the remaining Harry Potter films.
“I’ll just come in and do my little, ‘I am Lily Potter,’ and go quietly.”
Do Harry fans recognise her in the street?
“Occasionally a bit, I suppose.
“I’m not surprised when it happens – I am in it!”